How to Void a Check Voided Check Example

how to write a voided check

All the check should include is bank information such as your account number, routing number, and check number with the word “VOID” written on the front of the check. When it comes to learning how to void a check, the first step is to locate a blue or black pen, as most banks will not accept the void status if a pen of any other color is used. Yes, there is one guaranteed method for voiding a check that works every time. Direct deposit is incredibly convenient, once you have it set up. You won’t have to worry about losing a check or wasting time cashing it or depositing it. Instead, just go about your life as money constantly arrives in your checking account.

how to write a voided check

You’ll want to use permanent ink (such as a pen or marker) to ensure that it can’t be erased. Just make sure that you don’t cover up the important areas such as your account number and routing number at the bottom of your check, or your personal/bank branch info. Your paper checks all have your bank information on them—the name of your bank or credit union and your account and routing number. By giving a voided check, you give the person establishing the link to the bank account information they need to set up your direct deposit. But because the check is void, they won’t be able to use the check to take money from your account. This keeps your money safe, especially from thieves or fraudsters who can tamper with an unvoided check.


If you don’t, you’ll have a gap in check numbers, leading you to wonder what happened. Did you write a large check to somebody and forget about it, or did that check gets stolen? In your check register, write “VOID,” along with the check number, date, and a note about why you voided the check (such as who you gave it to). If you don’t have a check to give, ask whether you can provide a counter check, a copy of a deposit slip, or a letter from your bank. You also might be able to provide your routing and account numbers directly.

  • You can void a check from Wells Fargo online, by phone, or in the store.
  • In a variety of situations, providing a voided check enables you to share your checking account information without allowing anyone to use the check.
  • For this, the word void should be written big and dark enough across the check.
  • But, keep in mind that they may charge a small fee for providing the counter check.
  • Make a note of the check-in your check register so that you know where that particular check went.

For example, say that your usual paycheck is for $1,200, but you only spend $1,000 per pay period. You can set up your direct deposit to put $1,000 of your check into your checking account. If you want to get fancy with your money management, or just automate it further, you can split your direct deposits. That means that you can have a portion of your paycheck sent to different accounts. Having the voided check on-hand also reduces the likelihood of payroll using the wrong information when it sends out paychecks since they have the check on-hand to reference. It is possible for different banks to assign the same account number to different accounts.

Write “VOID” on the Check

The tempering process often involves writing a large sum of money out to themselves. A voided check can also be useful for supplying your details to banks. You can write a void check example by sourcing a blank unused check from your check book. Then, you can write the word “void” across the face of the check in large block letters. Importantly, you should use blue or black ink when writing “void” as this is often a requirement for certain legal processes.

This voided check can be used for passing banking information to another party. This information can be used to set up the account for salary payment or mortgage or EMI payment. Voiding a check is as simple as writing “VOID” in large letters across the front of the check, but there are a few other things to keep in mind. Follow these three steps to get a properly voided check for setting up direct deposit or other automatic payments.


Another option is to ask a teller at your bank for documentation that provides the same information as a voided check. A letter on bank letterhead with your account information could work. All you really need to provide is your account number and the bank’s routing information.

how to write a voided check

Employers might ask for a voided check to set up direct deposit. They can then enter your account information and confirm that your paycheck is going into the correct account. You must first contact your bank and Small Business Bookkeeping Services see if that particular check has already been cashed. If it hasn’t, they should be able to put a stop payment on that check. You will need to know who it was for, how much it was for, and the check number.

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