10 Greatest Cynical Dating Blog Sites

Let’s face it – we could be only a little cynical every now and then, but sometimes it’s fun to let those feelings on. Becoming cynical doesn’t invariably imply getting negative, and our 10 greatest Cynical Dating blog sites are evidence of that.

Now we are taking on individuals with a snarky nature!

Dating Disasters and Delights

Bragging liberties: the rantings of a cynical lady

From Dating Disasters and pleasures comes the downs and ups of a female on the lookout for romance in most unsuitable locations. Jillian shares her wild ride with audience and it is unapologetic and no-holds-barred about really love, sex and romance. The most popular posts feature “Psycho-Chicks while the Men Who generate these” and “how to prevent getting Fooled by a Fake visibility.”

Personal Clout: 896+ supporters, 144+likes

URL: http://foreign datingdisastersanddelights.com/

Creepy Daters

Bragging liberties: from bizarre towards downright weird

After running all the way through “every last weirdo within a 50-mile radius (and often further afield),” Jemma James kicked down the woman entertaining site geared towards the ridiculousness of online dating. See numerous oddballs make an effort to seduce her from inside the web message archive. James uses these accidents to the woman advantage, decorating a clear map of modern-day dating archetypes and what other females should abstain from.

Social Clout: 781+ supporters, 17+likes

URL: http://www.creepydaters.com/

We Will Most Likely Not Like You

Bragging liberties: exploring the strange world of online dating sites

With a killer title, this blog claims and delivers all craziness that include internet dating. Visitors can eat articles like “I had not a clue Shrek ended up being bisexual” and follow various weirdo users in order to avoid and value when you look at the section “There’s grounds why you’re single.” Added bonus: uproarious pleased with merely a dash of warmth and nostalgia.

Social Clout: 652+ fans

URL: http://iprobablywontlikeyou.com/

Happily Cynical

Bragging liberties: celebrating wit and snark

“Living the evaluated existence” could be the attitude behind Happily Cynical. This unique place is actually destroyed into a mosaic of photos, thoughts and essays on really love from inside the twenty-first 100 years. Topics like “Really don’t need Married” and “individuals Saw My Boobies. And Frankly, I really don’t Care” deliver a slightly brooding voice your.

Social Clout: 269+ followers

URL: http://www.happilycynical.com/

Brand New City Girl On Matchmaking

Bragging Rights: the online dating diary of a city lady

Brand-new City lady On Dating functions as an internal research the lifetime of an English lady studying the jagged obstacle training course that will be really love. Lissa Reed delivers a fearless style of honesty to posts like “tend to be We as well Eager?” and “When could it be too early in order to get Excited?” This reasonably brand new web log makes a big influence rapidly through deeply personal material from a really amusing host.

Social Clout: 51+ Bing supporters, 26+likes

Address: http://www.newcitygirlondating.blogspot.co.uk/

The Cynical Review

Bragging Rights: how NYC guys are making united states cynical

These gals discovered a definite cause of their blog’s cynicism: the men of the latest York City. Articles are funny and pertinent, including “All My Exes are now living in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation not really Breaks upwards,” and “It’s Not allowed to be This rough.” This content is securely created in just adequate sour taste.

Address: http://thecynicalreview.wordpress.com/

Sexless and Cynical

Bragging liberties: she likes complaining and cheese

Sexless and Cynical is residence for Meri’s authorship and artwork, all based around finding really love and glee despite it’s potential unlikeliness. Her remarkable comic panels bring the articles your, with topics like “online dating sites: The Saga Continues” and also the series “making useful relationships.”

URL: http://sexlessandcynical.blogspot.com/

Misadventures in Atlanta

Bragging Rights: an Atlanta dating scene blog

Misadventures in Atlanta arises from the Atlanta log Constitution, the spot where the smart Diva spoons out online dating tips and insight with a distinctly cynical strategy. Topics are irreverent, like “Do We really would like some one Freaky?” and “Do Women Have to laugh constantly?” The total archive runs back to February 2009 with honest discussion from a working xxx readership.

Address: http://blogs.ajc.com/

The Difficult Lady Site

Bragging liberties: existence also calamities

On Impossible Girl Blog, an unnamed author investigates the mundane and crazy adventures of dating inside the electronic world. The majority of this article is drawn around pop music society, including movies and TV. Content articles are cynically skewered within Liebster Award-nominated site. From “The best Gatsby” to ComicCon, artwork and humankind is adopted throughout its types.

URL: http://theimpossiblegirlblog.wordpress.com/

The Franichles

Bragging Rights: haphazard musings of one white feminine

Within Franichles, we find the haphazard stories of a cynical and snarky girl. As she alerts, the site is not for the faint of center or effortlessly upset. From bearded women to “Ren & Stimpy,” she dissects the woman escapades of online dating sites with cutting criticism and unflinching sincerity. She’s out to get a hold of a high-caliber guy, though it eliminates the girl.

Address: http://thefranichles.wordpress.com/

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