Program Design, Management and Evaluation

This practice focuses on economic and business development supporting communities in attracting private capital by providing concrete tools, initiatives, programs, and insights to steer them towards long term viability and sustainability for all residents and targeted clusters. Capabilities include:

Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)

AG combines the power of technology-driven solutions with a commitment to providing excellence through innovation. AG is committed to solving our customer’s toughest challenges, working with a diverse base of public and private sector customers. We continue to invest in markets, capabilities, and talent while building new business models through strategic acquisitions, ventures, partnerships, and service offerings. Capabilities include:

Strategic Planning and Advisory

AG has proven expertise in building consensus among stakeholders who represent different values and interests. Additionally, our command of quantitative techniques enable us to better understand the community and assess project success through priorities and impact. Capabilities include:

Organizational Development (Culture & Leadership Training)

The best organizations focus on working in an integrated fashion with pointed objectives and aligned values. AG provides the frameworks and asks the tough questions needed to elevate your team’s performance and communicate your success. Capabilities include:

Disaster Recovery & Resilience

AG has a long history of assisting communities in the wake of disasters. AG is adept at providing strategies and tactics for community leaders to focus on economic recovery and preserving jobs, incorporating useful information for convening private and public stakeholders to identify key economic recovery strategies, tips on how to navigate federal resources for response and recovery and implementation of recovery initiatives. Capabilities include:

Corporate Growth and New Market Entry

AG helps organizations plan for the new world of work by developing customized programs to drive job creation and accelerate innovation. , Focusing on growth and resilience, AG is adept at increasing the economic and social prosperity of communities. Capabilities include:

Public Policy Analysis

AG assists governmental organizations to identify and understand the causes of various economic, political or social problems logically. AG is adept at proposing and supporting the implementation of appropriate solutions that enable positive effects on communities. Capabilities include: